Alata Harmonia Chorus Of Canada

Founded in 2002 by Lillian Sit, the Alata Harmonia Chorus of Canada ("Alata") consisting of the Alata Harmonia Choir and Alata Chamber Singers presently exceeds a hundred members. Lillian's goal is to instill the essence of choral music, its multifaceted structure and contextual richness into the choir. She achieves this through regular rehearsals and concert performances to cultivate the awareness and analytical abilities of members to appreciate the art form of choral singing, and to elevate technical skills of each individual singer to achieve the harmonious effect of a chorus.

Alata's repertoire covers a wide spectrum of genres: from the west to the east, from classical to contemporary, and from sacred to secular. Since its inception, Alata has performed major choral works including Rossini's Messe Solennelle, Mozart's Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, Gounod's Messe Breve No. 7 aux Chapelles, Brahms’ German Requiem, Vivaldi's Magnificat, Orff’s Carmina Burana and Durufle's Requiem. Other performances showcased works of famous Canadian composers Ruth Watson Henderson, Eleanor Daley and Harry Freedman, as well as choral works from notable contemporary composers including Jin Xiang's Four Songs from Yue Fu and Five Songs from Shi Jing, An-Lun Huang's Requiem, Mizi Tan's Sound of Heart, and ethnic folk songs in a cappella. The choir also premiered local artists Chuan Sha and Erhei Liang's Song of Love: A Five Act and Eleven Scene Music for Choral and Dance, and works of William Wu, Christopher Si and Richard Si.

Apart from hosting regular concerts, Alata has performed in many charitable and cultural events such as fundraising for the victims of South Asia Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). In 2006, Alata performed in the Chinese New Year television show "The Same Song in Canada" hosted by the Beijing Central Television, a Chinese national broadcasting station. As well, the choristers participated twice in the International Choral Festival in Le Mondial Choral Loto-Quebec. Alata also took part in the third Dong Zhou Cup World Chinese Choral Music Festival held in Beijing in June 2008 where they took home not only a Silver Cup for overall performance, but four additional awards in areas of tone quality, artistic style, musical interpretation and diction. Following the competition, Alata travelled to other parts of China and performed in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi and Hong Kong. In 2011, the choir was invited to perform in the "Mandarin Profile Award Ceremony" hosted by Fairchild TV of Canada. Our latest journey for overseas performance took place in Paris, France in 2013 where we took part in a fifteen-day choral exchange. In 2017, the choir was invited to perform in Leoncavallo's opera Pagliacci presented by International Grand Music Studio, which was an invaluable immersion in the Stanislavsky’s acting techniques for all involved members.

Over the past sixteen years Alata has grown through challenging repertoires, choral festivals, community services and learning excursions. We look forward to many more exciting opportunities as we continue our music journey with maestro Lillian Sit.