Alata Harmonia Chorus Of Canada

Lillian Sit 薛布

Lillian Sit

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Born into a family of musicians, Lillian Sit was greatly influenced by her father Chuan-Yi Xue and mother Hat Ho who were both renowned classical singers. Following their musical footsteps, Lillian graduated from the Middle School of Central Conservatory of Music in China.

Over the next several years, Lillian worked as a piano teacher in Hong Kong before deciding to further her music studies in France in 1989. Her training and artistic pursuits in France crystalized Lillian's commitment to choral conducting and vocal performance, paving the way for her future career.

Under the guidance of vocal professor Edith Selig at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and the training from conductor Pierre Calmlet in CNR de Boulougne-Billancourt, Lillian was awarded several diplomas including Diploma Superieur d'Execussion de Chant de ENMP, Le Prix de Direction de Choeur, Le Premiere Prix de Formation Musicale Superieur du CNR de Reueil-Malmaison and Le Premiere Prix d'Analyse.

During her stay in France, Lillian was actively involved in various soloist and choral groups. Under her guidance, the Epernon City Choir evolved into one of the preeminent choirs of the region. As an experienced chorister, Lillian was frequently requested to perform as a soloist. Over a prolonged collaboration with pipe organist Jean-Yves Lacorne and flutist Isabelle Herbrard, Lillian and her colleagues presented a series of performances that received glowing reviews. The trio also released a CD featuring sacred French music and hymns.

Since her move to Toronto in 1998, Lillian has been passionately involved in the music scene. In addition to being a member of the Toronto Heliconian Club and a music instructor, she participates in various musical events such as working as a conductor for several choral groups and performing as soloist in numerous concerts.

In 2002, Lillian founded the Alata Harmonia Chorus of Canada, with the goal of promoting choral music and elevating the artistic standard of her choristers. She studied and obtained certificates in Braille literary translation and music translation in order to welcome visually impaired individuals who share her love of music into Alata. Under her tutelage, Alata has presented and participated in many successful concerts earning great acclaims from a wide audience.